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Spear Ink was founded in 2006 based in Egypt committed to being The One Source for all your inkjet and toner remanufacturing needs.

Spear Ink at the beginning focus on the problems of refill cartridges process so our team work in (R&D) department worked hard to can get the best solutions. Experimentation led to success in manufacture series of high quality performing Inkjet and toner refilling machines.

Spear Ink offering a complete line of tools and supplies for the refilling process.

Spear Ink also realized the importance of recycling in this field and started remanufacturing high performance ink and toner cartridges and today Spear Ink is reportedly one of the biggest recycling companies in the Middle East.

Spear Ink refill all major brands including HP, Dell, Canon, Lexmark & Epson. for most home or small business printers, whether they are multi-function, color or black and white.

All that make Spear Ink begun franchising and opening more branches in more countries in the Middle East .

Spear Ink today one of the pioneer companies in the field of re manufacturing cartridges and producing ink and toner refilling machines.

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Commitment To The Environment

As an environmentally responsible remanufacturing company,  spearink provides an answer for people who are looking to purchase recycled products and to keep their cartridges out of landfills. We offer an alternative to the standard end-of-life model for these items by extending their lifecycle and closing the loop on their production. We take this green cause seriously and extend it to our business philosophy and practices.


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