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Home Trouble Shooting There is blank line or shadow on printout
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There is blank line or shadow on printout


  • Air bubble inside the cartridge
  • The print head may be clogged with dried ink
  • Poor condition or aging of print head
  • Incorrect cartridge installation
  • Running out of ink for certain color
  • Wrong print settings


  • Clean the print head 2-3 times by pressing the “Clean Print Head” button to remove the air-bubble and clean the print head (Please read the printer user manual for detail)
  • The installation method is not correct, reinstall the cartridge and clean the print head 1-2 times
  • Replace old cartridge
  • Remove the seal film at the bottom of the cartridge, resulting in the ink will leak out and it causes blank lines or shadows when printing
  • Check the “Print Quality” setting on your printer; you may mistakenly have chosen “Draft” or “ Economic”
  • Replace the old print head


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